Deconstructing a picture with Joe McNally

23 March 2013

There are a lot of photographers out there that show how they photographed their subjects, but only a few are detailed like the ones from Joe McNally, which deconstruct his amazing pictures. Watch and learn from a master guys.

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Hello World

22 March 2013

Literally. Until a few weeks ago I had a blog, it was cool (even if I didn't really spent too much time building it as I just downloaded a nice wordpress theme, changed the name, uploaded, done), I wrote loads of articles about photography, did some reviews, etc... but it has only one big issue: it was in Italian. Someone could say "what's the problem bro?!". The problem is that most of my facebook "friends" speak in english, the totality of the videos I published on my blog were in english and I live in Ireland.
So what's the point to make a blog in Italian? There is no point. And this is not a decision that came up on a night, but I was thinking about it from ages, probably years, but due to my poor english, or italenglish, or the pizza accent if you like it this name, I was always worried to write in english.
But now, after 5 years living in here, I think that my english is at least understandable, so it's time to try this "experiment".

So what's this blog about?
This blog will talk about photography, I'll publish some interesting videos I found on the web, I'll talk about the gigs I usually shoot (as you can guess from the site name) by doing a sort of review from a photographer point of view, maybe I'll publish some reviews of the gear I use, and other bollix that photographers like to read.
So I hope you will enjoy reading this blog, and I apologize for the grammar errors, but I'm still learning this bloody language.

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