Yongnuo YN622C TTL Flash Trigger Video Review by Phil Steele

01 August 2013

I've been thinking to replace my Cactus V4 wireless flash trigger from a while, as they are not bad, they work most of the times, but not all the times, especially when you have to fire 2/3 flashes at the same time. So I'm starting to take a look around and see what other options I have, and while in the past I wasn't really a big fan of Yongnuo, after I bought a Yongnuo flash few months ago I drastically changed my opinion about this brand, and their new flash triggers seem to be pretty good, still not au-pair with brands like PocketWizard, but you can get 4 transceiver for the price of one PockerWizard. But are they good? Dunno, but according to this video review by Phil Steele it sounds like a good product, not perfect, but still good.