Why I hate Jamie Oliver

10 April 2013

I really hope that my girlfriend's grandmother (or any italian granma) will never see any of Jamie Oliver videos, and I hope for Jamie Oliver that she will never see one of his video and met him in person, because she will probably slap him in his face. Personally I think that every time he put the words "real", "original", "traditional" in a phrase that contains "italian" as well, he offends an entire country and its culture. He just doesn't have a fuckin clue on how to cook italian recipes.

A few weeks ago I saw this video above on FStoppers, and while I can understand americans and british, or any other population apart from italians, why they could think "Wow this guy is amazing", seen from an italian, or at least from an italian who has at least a minimal knowlegde of how to prepare food, the only sensation I can image is pure "rage". Rage for how he treats food. He looks like he wants to rape the food, not actually eat it.
And those fuckin lemons... Why in hell you would use all those lemons? What's your problem with lemons Jamie? You don't put slices of lemons on a fuckin pasta, maybe a bit of lemon juice, but not slices, and not that many for fuck sake. And at the end what do you show? Something that is at least presentable? No. You just do a feckin mess.

So, my dear readers, always bear in mind that whatever he cooks, is very, very far away from real italian cuisine.

(via FStoppers)