Alessio Michelini Photography

The Vaccines @ Olympia Theatre

13 April 2013

The Vaccines is one of the bands that I wouldn't listen their album more than a couple of times, they are not bad, but I'm just not mad of them. And that's what I was thinking before going to see them the first time, and alike Foals, their live performance blew me away a that time, I was thinking to go there, three songs and then get the frack out, and at the end I stayed the entire gig (which was pretty short anyway). So this time they were playing at the Olympia, better venue, better lights (in theory), but at the end you never know how is going to be the show until it starts.
I have to say that these guys are amazing performers, despite the fact that I still cannot listen their albums for more than 10 minutes. Photography wise I was a bit concerned that the gig was going to be a dull one, with very minimal lights (and to be fair their first performance in the Academy was pretty difficult to photograph), but at the end it turned out as one of the best gig I've photographed in the past few months, amazing lights, very dynamic band on stage, only the drummer was well hidden behind his drum kit, but apart from that it was a pleasure to photograph. Again, no photo release to sign down, which is always nice, so a great gig to photograph from any side, and it gave me so many great shots, which you can see down here. Obviously you can always go to my flickr account.