The Problem With Facebook

15 January 2014

I know I know, this post has nothing to do with photography, but I'm a Nerd, I'm a Web Developer/Designer and I often do facebook apps, and also how many of you have a facebook page? If you are a photographer as well you probably have one, so in this video, the youtuber Veritasium explains why in the past months we saw the numbers of views of our pages continuosly drowning, and the answer is easy: Facebook wants us to pay for views. You want more views? Well dear user, give us money and we'll give you the same visibility you had 6 months ago.
Honestly I don't think that this strategy will pay in long term, maybe now they are making good money, but at the same time they are pissing off a lot of users, and if you lose users, dear Facebook, you will end up like MySpace. And it didn't end well.