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The Basics of Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet: Part 1 and 2

21 April 2013

Yet another post about Timelapses, but this time I'm not going to show you another one, but I'm posting a video made by Vincent Laforet for Canon America, which is going to explain you the basics of how to make a timelapse.
It's a set of four videos, but at the time I'm writing only two are out on YouTube, and in theory you can watch all of them on the Canon site by clicking here, but unfortunately the videos don't play, not sure if it's just me or they are actually down, but in the meanwhile you can start to watch the first one above here, which is just an introduction to the theme, and the second one below here, which it shows you how to set your camera.

Hopefully the other two videos will be on YouTube in the next few days.


The videos have been removed from youtube, but the first one is back on Vimeo, so to see the other 3 you can go to the Canon website

(via ISO1200)