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Now you can buy my prints on RedBubble

01 May 2013

In my future plans I have the redesign of my website, apart obviously the blog (a refresh after two months it would be pretty silly), but as I do websites for living, working on my personal website on my spare time is not that easy, it tooks two years before I got rid of the previous 5-minutes-made wordpress site, so it might take a while before the new website is done. But one of the feature I will add on the next site it will probably be a shop.
As probably some of you already know, it's really difficult to make a living with photography, and a good chunck of my savings goes on cameras, lenses, flashes, etc..., so if I can earn some money with what is my passion, to buy better gear, it would be really nice.
So what I decided is to revive my old RedBubble account, which I probably didn't use for at least a couple of years, and I started to upload some of the pictures I have on my current website, and I've linked these photos to the current website, and if you watch my website you can find a new little icon, with the quite obvious word "buy", that links back to the related photos on the RedBubble site.

So, if you want to help me and get a nice print of one (or more) of my pictures, you can buy them from RedBubble. At the moment there are just a few of them, but I'll keep uploading photos in the next few days. Bear in mind that you will be able to buy all the photos, apart the music ones. In case you want a print of those ones, please contact me privately using the contact form you can find on the menu on the top.