New tripod in da house: Manfrotto BeFree

02 August 2013

In the next months I've planned a couple of travels, a short one in Connemara, and a long one in October, where I'll spend a week in Creete and a week in Italy at home.
So, as I'm planning to do some nice landscapes, especially with my new filters from Lee, I'll need to have with me a good tripod, and while in Connemara I can bring my old & very sturdy tripod as I will drive to there, I can't do the same for Creete & Italy, as any kilos I can save on my luggage is precious, and in case I'll have to do some hiking, bring a 2.4Kg tripod on my hands is not that pleasant. In theory I could put on my backpack, but in reality it doesn't fit, it's too heavy, and it's not very practical. So I decided to invest some money on a new tripod for when I travel, and after I read a billion of reviews, I decided to buy the new Manfrotto BeFree, a nice little tripod that once it's folded, it's only 40cm long.
Anyway, this is not a review, as I bought it only last night, but hopefully this weekend I'll spend some time with it and I'll try to write a proper review next week. So far it looks a little beast, but lets wait until I've tested it on the field.