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My best photos of 2013, part I: Music

04 January 2014

The new year kicked in a few days ago, even if the some of you are still writing 2013 on dates, and at this time of the year it's time to draw a line and look back at what I've done in the past year. I've done loads of good proposition, I have a couple of photographic projects in mind, but I'll talk about them in the future.
So as a first post of the year I wanted to post which, in my opinion, are the best photos I took in 2013. Initially I wanted to do a single big post, but unlike other music photographers who mainly shoot only music related stuff, I do plenty of other stuff, like landscapes, street, portraits, etc... But at the end I don't really see the sense on putting music, landscapes and other photos in just one post, it sounds like a mess to me, so I'm going to split this "Best Of 2013" post in two or maybe three posts, and obviously the first of them will be the live music one.
They are just a chronological order, to be fair with any of the artists and to have this post by the end of this year.

The Editors

At the moment I was shooting this gig I thought it was a complete disaster, but at the end it turned out as one of the best I shoot last year.

The Darkness

It was the second time for me with this band, and if the first one was great, this time was over the top, just a great live band to see.


I don't like their music, I'm sorry guys but it's not my genre, but still pretty good to photograph, even if they are always surrounded by keyboards, laptops and other stuff.

Queens Of The Stone Age

They were a big pain in the arse to photograph, as I was restrained to only one side of pit, no front shots, no alternative angles, and that pissed me off quite a bit, but at the end I came back home with a couple of good photos.

Jake Bugg

Well, his music is defo not my genre, and on the stage he didn't move much, but despite that, the photos turned out great, and that's what really matter to me.


Another great band to see, they totally didn't disappoint me, that's was probaly one of the best gigs I saw last year.

The 1975

I love this set, probably one of the most interesting band to photograph, and I'm looking forward to see them again in February.


They were one of my favourite bands when I was a teenager, and I still love them even if it was a pain in the butt to photograph them and I had a terrible photo release to sign.


Only this year I saw this band twice, and in general I saw them I think 5 times, but I'll never get sick to see them as they are one of my favourite live band.


Well, I thought I would never see them live, I got a chance this summer, and I didn't miss it. Really good band to see on stage, and really good band to photograph!

Gypsies on the Autobahn

That's the only supporter band that made into this list, they were a big surprise for them I didn't have a clue of who they were at the time, but it was a pure pleasure to shoot and I really love their performance, definitely a band to see in 2014.

Biffy Clyro

Another great band to see live, and it turned out as a great band to photograph as well, even if they made me run a lot in the pit.

The Vaccines

They have been a pain in the butt to photograph, but how the photos turned out at the end paid off all my efforts, again a band to see live.

The Script

I'm sorry guys, but I don't like their music, it's just not for me. But they are a pretty good band to photograph anyway, so if you want to shoot them, buy heavy duty noise reduction head phones.

So, here we are, these are my best shots for 2013 in the music category, I hope you liked them too, and I hope, dear reader, that you will have a great 2014!