Alessio Michelini Photography

Metronomy @ Olympia Theatre

19 March 2014

There are some gigs where you already know how they are going to be far before you even get to the venue, like pop bands 99% of the times you know they will be well lit. And that was the feeling I had before going to photograph Metronomy. Well they are not that pop obviously,  but I was pretty sure it was going to be a great gig to photograph, but unfortunately I was wrong this time.
And Metronomy were one of the bands I really wanted to see this year, I had high expectations from their live show, and while I can certainly say that they are a really good band. If you spent money to see this guys on stage, you will definitely not going to be disappointed for that, and to be fair if seen from your bare yes it looks really good, it's visually interesting, but if you have to photograph them it's a problem, especially because we have only the first three songs to shoot them, and let me tell you, on the first two songs, apart from some initial spotlights on the frontman while he was playing the piano, I thought someone forgot to turn on the lights, or at least there were some technical problems. Things got better on the third song, but just by a notch.
At the end of the day I manage to bring home only 19 good shots, which is a low number for my standards, and nothing with that "wow" factor that I got from other gigs like Chvrches or The 1975.
So, really good live band, but just okay to photograph for me.
Down here some of the "best" shots I took that night, and as usual you can find the full set on my flickr account.