Alessio Michelini Photography

Malin Head, Co. Donegal

09 April 2013

Malin Head is most northernly point of the island of Ireland, after this place the next stop is the north pole, and I can confirm that the day we went there, it was absolutely freezing, and we didn't really stay that long, just 15/20 minutes to admire the landscape before starting to realize that we were turning into ice cubes, and it was a week ago, so end of march. In this place, during the WWII, they wrote with stones the world EIRE, and probably is what you would expect to photograph there. I did a few shots, I didn't like them, so I choose to develop the other ones. My friend Alberto will probably be disappointed about that, but I don't publish pictures that a tourist expect to do, but I publish the pictures I like, regarding their meaning or whatever is the subject. So here we are with some of the interesting (or at least for me) pictures I took in that cold, cold place.