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January 2014 in photos

02 February 2014

The most depressing month of the year is gone, finally. I spent the first week being sick. I had plans for that week, as I was off, great plans, but I had to stay on bed with a bleeding flu. On the music photography side, apart the cool photo shoot I did a couple of weeks ago with The Academic and the portraits for the Choice Music Prize 2013, I did nothing. No gigs, no fun. But, agian and thankfully, January is gone.
The only fun I had was testing my brand new camera, and I recently bought a couple of old manual lenses (but I'll talk about them in another time), and I took some photos with that, and I I took a couple of cityscapes with my beloved 6D. So, here we are with the photos I took last month, which you can find them on my flickr account as well, I hope you'll enjoy them, and feel free to leave a comment or a critique.

That's the view from my office's rooftop

And this one is from my office's balcony

The next two photos have been taken with one of the manual lenses I bought, the Canon FD 50mm f/1.4

The usual suspect, my girlfriend

Sometimes even going out for shopping with your girlfriend could be a good moment to take a snap