How to upgrade your old MacBook Pro

28 September 2013

I'm always been a Nerd, I've been working with computers since the 90s, and as probably some of you already know, not very surprisingly I work in IT, and to be more accurate my 9-to-5 job is to build websites. But in my first job in Italy I used to work in a small company where, apart the web & software stuff, we also were a computer shop, and it wasn't unusual for me to help my collegue to fix computers, and since then I'm not afraid to take apart computers (apart my old and  now dead iMac, as I've no idea how to feckin remove the front glass), and to fix a laptop is not a big deal for me, or at least for the very basic stuff like the RAM, Hard Drive, etc.. But what for me it's pretty easy, it could be quite scary for someone else to even to think to open their very expensive MacBook Pro. But as the good Gary Martin from FStoppers is going to show us in the video above, replace the ram or the hard drive is way simpler tha you can think, it just takes a few minutes a few screwdrivers.
The only think Gary forgot to mention for me, is that you need to create a bootable USB key with the Mac OS X installer first, before open any chassis or screw anything, as the hard drive you just bought it  doesn't come with Mac OS X, actually it doesn't come with anything, as it's completely empty. So the very first step is to get an USB key with at least 8GB of capacity, and then download this software from Apple's website, and create the bootable USB key, and you are ready to go.
Obviously if this still sound scary to you, there's nothing wrong to pay a professional to do it for you.

(via FStoppers)