How To Edit Video In Photoshop CC

17 December 2013

I sincerly didn't know that you could do that. As a web developer I know the animation toolbar which you can use for GIFs (hello 90s), and I used it a few times for some simple banner Ads (you can't use Flash anymore, as Flash is not supported on most of mobiles and tablets, so hello again old school), but I never thought about the possibility to edit a video on one of my favourite tools. So, in this video, Terry White is going to show us how to do it in Photoshop CC / CS6. I know many videographer will see this option as a silly way to edit video, and some of you are already thinking "why you just don't learn Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro?". Well, like a lot of other users, I don't really want to learn a new software if what I need is some simple stuff, and do it with a software that I've already know it's just great for me, so why not?