Alessio Michelini Photography

Foals @ The Academy

28 March 2013

I have to admit it: I didn't like them the first time I've heard them, at all. But then I gave them a second chance and I quite start to like their music. Then a couple of years ago they played in Dublin, same venue, and when I enter the venue I was like "take some pictures, 3 songs and then get the fuck out". I was so wrong. By the end of the gig I was a fecking fan, and I hate this word. I even bought their t-shirt, can you imagine? So since then everytime they came to Dublin I was present in the pit :-)
But the first two times lights were okaaay, couple of nice shots, but it has been quite difficult to photograph them, and the Academy as I said in a previous post, it's a venue with good potentials, but sometimes you might end up shooting in the dark.
Thank to the prophets of Vulcan, this time they have good lights, with the right quantity of smoke that allows the lights to give you that sense of depth and tridimensionality. Again the only real problems was from the side LED lights, I know I've done 3 posts about gigs and I always mentioned that, but for music photographers these bleeding lights are just terrible.
I have to say that I mostly reused the presets I made for Bloc Party, as the light conditions were pretty similar, even if the gigs were in two totally different venues, so expect a similar look to that gig. Maybe a bit oversaturated than my usual, maybe too  much contrast, maybe I like to change sometimes, but I think they are decent shots, or at least I like them.
So, down here you can find some of the best shots, but you can see the full set by clicking here.