Alessio Michelini Photography

Eels @ Olympia Theatre

04 April 2013

This is one of the bands that reminds me that I'm old. His song "Novocaine For The Soul" is one the songs that brings me back to the '90s, when I use to have no big problems, or just the problems that a teenager can have, which at that time sound big, but you realize that in fact they were happy times only when they are gone. But to be fair I didn't hear anything else from him since them, and I cannot really say that I'm a big fan of this band, but when I saw that Eels was coming to Dublin, I thought it could be just freaking cool to photograph this guy. But leaving the music on a side, how is to photograph his show? Not that easy I have to say.
I can define this show as a tricky one, because when you are there it looks awesome, loads of different lights, and at first glance on the screen of your camera it looks good, but then when you go back home, after you have downloaded all the pictures and imported into Lightroom, you discovered that many of that lights, especially my little friends called LED lights (yes, again them, I fucking hate them), all the reds and blues are oversaturated, and at the ends the mix of lights look awful. Well maybe it wasn't that bad, but I was honestly to expect some better shots at the end.
Plus I have to say that The guy didn't really move that much from his spot, so plenty of similar photos of him.
Conclusion: Good show, Eels and his band are good performers, maybe they don't move that much on the stage but still good, decent enough to photograph as well, plus no bleeding photo releases to sign, which is always nice.
The full set is available here.