Alessio Michelini Photography

Dublin Docklands

28 September 2013

Tomorrow I'll have to take some promo shots for a local band, and as the band thought it was a great idea to take some photos on the Dublin Docklands, even if I already know that area quite well, I decided to go for a walk and to scout for some interesting places for tomorrow, as it's always a good idea to decide in advance where to shoot rather than wonder around until you find something. The place is quite interesting, and thankfully one of my favourite buildings, with related graffiti, is still there, and I'm talking about this one:

I love that wall. I know, it's a very simple graffiti, but the I love the mix of colours with the red of the wall, and hopefully I'll use it tomorrow as well!
Here some of the pictures I took today, for the long exposure ones I spent some time, while for the other ones not that much, it was just for me to photograph the places I'm going to use tomorrow, but at the end they are not bad shots.