Alessio Michelini Photography

Dublin & the invisible snow

27 March 2013

This morning I woke up, and I saw something amazing: Dublin under snow! While most of dubliners will probably fall in pure terror, as most of irish people don't really handle snow very well (no offence my irish friends, but that's the truth). So in my mind I was already thinking to do some street photography before going to work, dreaming of a desaturated city under a snow storm (yes, I have photoshop in my mind as well), thinking what could be a good exposure to have the right effect, but then I realized that we are on the coast, and snow doesn't really last long here. In fact after 20 minutes, the snow disappear. Big disappointment.
But then I thought: "maybe it will snow again?! Let's bring my camera, with lenses, filters, memories, tripod, lunch in case".
It did snow, but it didn't really stick to the ground. Second big disappointment of the day.
So the day turned from "let's hunt a good shot!" to "fuck off life".
But thank to the crazy irish weather, after some pointless and useless snowfalls, around 6 the sun came out, so I tried to turn what became an useless day to photograph to something interesting, and I went straight to a building that I was thinking to photograph from a while, which is the one with the big Heineken logo in front. I don't think it's owned by Heineken, I think they just paid shit load of money to put their logo on that building, but who cares?
So at the end I brought home 3 shoots, a good one, a quite good one, and one that it's okay, but still better than nothing no?!