Alessio Michelini Photography

Photo Release: Adam Ant

06 May 2013

This one is so bad that makes me laugh,and what's the meaning of the point 2? Another "artist" that I will never photograph. Just stay at home guys, don't waste your time.

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Photo Release: Yngwie Malmsteen

26 April 2013

Here we are with yet another photo release, this time is Yngwie Malmsteen, and this time is far beyond ridiculous.
You are not allowed to use YOUR pictures for anything else apart the publication you are shooting for, and if you do it, they can sue you. Plus the artist can use YOUR pictures anytime they want, without give you a single cent.
Again, if you are a music photographer and you were thinking to go to photograph this "artist", stay at home.

(via Music Photographers)

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Photo Release: Alice In Chains

24 April 2013

Here we are with another fun photo release. I have to say that this isn't that bad in terms of copyrights, but the idea that a bloody publicist which probably has no culture in photography is going to decide which picture I can publish or not? Well, I feel a bit like Leonidas when he refuse to kneel in front of Xerxes in 300. But maybe my answer would be a bit more modern: "No fuckin way".
So another gig to do not photograph.

(via Music Photographers)

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Photo Release: Lana Del Ray

21 April 2013

This is the photo release you will have to sign if you want to shoot at Lana Del Ray's gig. They don't explicitly say that they own the copyrights of your pictures, but it has the same effect as Lana Del Ray's management could sue you if you publish your pictures outside the agreement down here.

Thanks to the facebook page Music Photographers who kindly shares these releases, and it makes me save, or at least for me, time and patience by simply not going to these "artists"'s show.

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