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Bulb Ramping Tutorial

21 May 2013

One of the main problems when it comes to make a timelapse is to have everything well exposed, and even if shooting everything in RAW helps, and shooting in Aperture Priority, letting the camera adjust itself it might help as well (even if I cannot see myself set my camera to AV, I'm an extremist, and for me only M and Bulb exist), it's not bulletproof, light condtions changes, a small cloud in front of the sun can drastically change the exposure from the previous shots, just to mention one of the possible problems. But there is one technique that it might be the answer for most of the problems and it makes timelapses look and easy job. The technique we are talking about is the Bulb Ramping.
In the video above, Joel Schat, shows us how it works, and in the video below, there is a clear example of what the results are using this technique.

(via FStoppers via Joel Schat)

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Conversations with the Masters: Ansel Adams

12 May 2013

As a landscape photographers I cannot mention as Ansel Adams as one of the masters, or maybe The Master, of this branch of photography, and here there is a short but pretty rare interview made in 1971 and conducted by Steve James of the Eikon Gallery (Monterey CA). To see the interview just click here.

(via ISO1200)

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George Wilson composite by Matt Hernandez

30 April 2013

I have to say that I found this videos by accident, but I'm glad I did it. These 3 videos are a very detailed tutorial that shows how photographer Matt Hernandez made his composite of the athlete George Wilson, from how he shot it, to how he extracted the subject from the original shot, how he shot the background, and then how it merged everything together to make a final image.

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A Tale of Two Meters

29 April 2013

In this interesting video, Mark Vargo, who did work in several big movies like Deep Impact, Ted, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, is going to explain what are the differences between the incident meter and the reflective meter, and even if Mark is more focused on cinema, this is still useful for any photographers, especially when it comes to understand how to correctly expose a photo.

(via PetaPixel)

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Wedding Photography: How Much To Charge?

25 April 2013

This time Matt Granger is talking about "how much to charge for a wedding?". And I agree with him saying that it's not only a "one day job", which is the perception of the client and unfortunately sometimes even on some photographers. And you can apply this not only on weddings, but in any type of photography, as most of the people asking  you for  pictures think that "you just press a button and it's done", and they have no idea of the time you spent in pre and post production.
Anyway, another interesting video from Matt, enjoy :-)

(via ThatNikonGuy)

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How to take picture from the space

22 April 2013

Well, I don't really think that this suggestion will be actually handy for anyone of us, but it's still pretty cool to see a camera floating in zero gravity, no? :D
Anyway, Chris Hadfield, an astronaut which is currently on the ISS, did this video where he explain how he takes some landscapes from above us.

Btw, the "Sunny 16 rule" he mentioned, is this rule.

(via PetaPixel)

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