Carlsberg ad is a copy of a condoms ad back in the 90s

07 April 2013

Unlike most of people I generally like to watch ads, even despite the fact that most of the times the ads on youtube are really annoying, not for the ad itself, but because they show you always the same ad all the fucking times, plus sometimes you cannot even skip it after 5 seconds. But sometimes ads are really good to see, it is a sort of art some times, not always, and actually not that often nowadays, but a few of them are really good, and most of the times are genuine and original ideas. But other times they aren't. In the past few weeks youtube is forcing me to see this ad from Carlsberg, called Spartacus, which you can see down here:

You might think is an original idea, but in fact is not. If you are italian, and if you are at least 30 yo, you will noticed that this idea, even if they changed the context, make it look fresher and modern, it's cloned by an ad made in the early '90s by a brand of condoms.

Even if you don't speak italian, it's quite clear that the idea of the two ads are pretty the same.

Well, I just discovered that I was wrong! Actually the Carlsberg ad is based on the Stanley Kubrick's movie "Spartacus"!