A must see movie for all photographers: The IPCRESS File

04 February 2014

Last weekend I was surfing around on the usual websites I always read, and on one of them I found this post with a bold title: "THE IPCRESS FILE - 100 amazing Cinematic Shots like photographer you must watch".
I don't generally really trust such boldy sentences, they are just good to catch hipsters, but I gave it a go and I watched the video, and surprisingly I was so amazed by the video that I decided to find the movie and watch it.
And while it's a almost 50 years old movie, as it came out in 1965, the photography is simply superb, maybe it's not high def as modern standard, but how it was shot it's simply superb in my opinion. So, if you don't know what to watch tonite, that's a film you must see if you care about photography.

(via ISO1200)