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[April Fools] I sold all my gear, goodbye photography!

01 April 2014

After years spent in mastering the art of photography, after thousands and thousands of euro spent to buying new DSLR, lenses, accessories, etc... I finally decided that I no longer need any of that, and I sold all my gear and my computer. Good bye hours spent in photoshop retouching a bloody portrait or a landscape, good bye heavy gear that only wrecked my shoulders and my back, good bye hours spent outdoor for taking just a bloody picture, and welcome iPhone 5S & Instagram!
Yes, the future is there, right on your palm! Who needs to learn Photoshop and Lightroom when you can achieve the same effect only with a smartphone and a retro filter? If I really want to take real pictures, well then I'm prepared as well, as with all the money I got from my gear I managed to buy a special edition of an Holga, yeah it looks like a toy, yeah maybe it's way overpriced, but just wonder how cool I'll look with one of those? That's priceless!
From now on, my only subjects will be pets, my lunch, and photos of my new friends I met last saturday night in Temple Bar (I think they are Canadian but I'm not sure, one of them has a t-shirt of Nickelback so I assume they are), that's it!
The era of myself wasting time to take good pictures is gone, now I'm ready for the future!


Yeah, you guessed right, it's the first of april once again.